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Cleaning The Mandoline Slicer

To prolong the life of your mandoline slicer its always a good idea to properly maintain and clean the kitchen utensil. Cleaning the mandolin right after use will help keep your slicer in good shape and will also be easier to clean all the food items off of it before they have a chance to dry.  Its also a good idea to clean the mandolin prior to the first use as it has been through packaging and manufacturing process.

Some brands will disassemble and you can take the blades off and clean them seperately.  If this is the case you will need to wash the blades by hand.  Always take great care when washing the blades by hand so as to not cut yourself.  It would be  a good idea to use a cleaning brush or some other type of cleaning utensil to clean the blades.  Use warm or hot water with a dish washing liquid to clean the blades and or the whole mandoline.  If you have antibacterial dish washing liquid that is even better, especially if you have been cutting meats of any kind.

Once the blades are off the slicer the other parts can most usually be put into the dishwasher.  If it all possible its better to wash your slicer by hand each time, whether its dishwasher safe or not,  so as not dull the blades running it through a whole dishwasher cycle.

Once all the parts are clean make sure to dry them off.  If water or other food items are left on the blades they might have a tendency to rust. Some models also may suggest oiling the blades.  Always refer to the owners manual of your mandolin slicer for tips on how to care for and clean your slicer.

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